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Cystinosis, a genetic disease characterized by accumulation of cystine crystals in multiple organs, including cornea., is treated by 8 drops of cysteamine eye drops every day, which is effective, but tedious and could lead to poor compliance and multiple daily inconvenient interruptions.  Freya’s goal is to replace the 8x daily eye drop treatment with a daily disposable contact lens which will provide similar cysteamine delivery to the drops but will improve compliance and patient convenience.  Delivery of cysteamine via a contact lens will also address other deficiencies of the current formulation, including side effects due to preservatives and acidic pH of the eye drop formulation.


Vitamin E technology is a Platform Technology Adaptable to any drug of interest for delivery to front and back of eye

Cysteamine Release (µg)

Replaces 8 drops daily (lifelong) with one daily lens; orphan disease, $80k/year per patient, Cystalens™